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Rocking Chair Music Box Mechanism

This rocking chair has a beautiful mechanical wind up wood table top. It is old world beauty and is a perfect gift for a grandparents who live in the heart of europe. The chair is comfortable to sit in and play with.

Rocking Chair Music Box Mechanism Ebay

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Cheap Rocking Chair Music Box Mechanism

This rocking chair music box mechanism is an old steinbach germany piece. It has a grandpa in front with a rock and a book. The chair has a few signs of use, including a small hole in the back dcor, the chair is currently in the process of being replaced by a new one in the background. The box has a great design and is great for providing music and laughter during pajamas or bedtime. The white powdercoated metal frame is a real touch of luxury. Great for a family's urban environment or gift for someone who loves music! this rocking chair music box mechanism is an old steinbach germany piece. The chair is metal construction and has a metal railing and door. The music box is a plastic ornament placed in the center of the metal railing. The chair has a wooden back and a grandma design on the front. The chair is in working condition with some wear. The music box was bought by the woman from the store where it was purchased and she has used it to play music and listen to records. The mechanism consists of a metal frame and wood timing bushings. The chair has a few small repairs but looks old world and comfortable. Use the steps below to replace the timingbushings and create the original chair again.